Infinus Development

When will this be released?...

The Infinus development team is composed of a team of one individual (this one individual gets a ton of help from great asset store contributors such as Synty Studios and Malbers Animations). As a result of this, development revolves solely around this one person (no pressure or anything). Development is coming along smoothly! Below you can find a rough schedule that is being followed as Infinus' step by step release schedule...


Step by Step Release Plan (take this with a grain of salt)

  • September 1st- Website Launch

  • October 8th- Beta Test Launch (hopefully for real this time)

    We hope to get as many sign ups as possible for the Infinus Game, the more people that can give us feedback the better we can make this game!

  • December 1st- Demo Launch

    It’s go time. We’ll gather all the data from the beta and make a game 10x better.

  • January 14th- Game Launch

    The moment of truth right here. Available world-wide Jan. 14th.