Check out Infinus.

Check out some screenshots and short gameplay videos of the Infinus simulation! 

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Stylized Maps.

If you ever played a video game and thought "Dang, this looks too real," worry no longer, Infinus' highly stylized low poly maps are filled with more than enough mysteries to unearth for endless hours of gameplay.

Unity 2017.1.1f1 Personal (64bit) - ShantyTown.unity - Infinus - PC, Mac & Linux Standalone_ _DX11_ 8_11_2018 10_15_23 AM.png


Fighting all by your lonesome gets old pretty quick. While in the Infinus simulation you'll never be alone! Choose from an ever-growing roster of companions such as tigers, wolves, bears, and even dragons. Yep, you can ride a dragon, what else do you need to hear?

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Missions and Easter Eggs.

Infinus is more than the endless slaying of enemies. Embark on missions which range anywhere from retrieving artifacts to completing rituals from ancient prophecies. Upon completing this missions or easter eggs anything could happen such as unlocking new player or companion skins, finding mythical weapons,  and even hidden areas on the map.




Don't worry, you'll get more than your fists. What, you expect to punch a dragon to death? Weapons are scattered across the map and can be equipped by completing missions, finding treasure chests, or paying for them with souls...