The Infinus Simulation.

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What is Infinus?

Infinus is a wave based game where you can play on a variety of maps filled with side quests and easter eggs to accomplish while fighting your way through waves and waves of enemies.


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Each player can choose a “companion” character such as a tiger or wolf  that can assist in both combat and traveling around the map. Infinus takes inspiration from wave based co-op games and expands it into a full game with customizable character skins, abilities, and much more.



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Explore the maps of Shanty Town, Purgatory, and War Torn (with more maps in the planned stages of development). Uncover the secret story mode behind Infinus with side quests and easter eggs that are meant to be completed while attempting to survive against the hordes of enemies being thrown at you. These side quests can reward players with upgraded companions, mythical weapons, special abilities, and more. Oh, and why not do all of this with friends, with multiplayer being available along with split screen co-op.